Q. When should I arrive for the race?

A. We reccomend arriving at least 30 minutes before the race

Q. Where should I park?

A. Generally there will be parking near the start line, unless otherwise informed prior to the race

Q. Can I pick up my race bib early?

A. Only a select few races have early packet pickup, you will be informed if your race does

Q. How do I put my bib on?

A. We recommend using saftey pins and pinning the top two corners of the bib.

Q. Do I have to stay for the awards?

A. You do not have to stay for the awards

Q. If I have to leave, can you send my award to me?

A. Yes, we can send you the award, but you will need click the link on the results page and pay for shipping.

Q. What if I do not show up? Can I still receive my T-shirt?

A. Unless you come to the race you will not receive your t-shirt. We will not mail t-shirts.

Q. How do I volunteer for a race?

A. If the race is accepting volunteers, there will be a link on the race page.

Q. Is there water provided?

A. Yes, water is provided on the course and after the race.

5K/10K/Half Marathon FAQs