Adult Bike Route

Olympic...4 laps

Sprint...2 laps

Super Sprint...1 Lap

Kids Route

6 & 7 yrs...2 laps

8 & 9 yrs...3 laps

10 & 11 yrs...4 laps

12 & 13 yrs...5 laps

Adult Run Route

Olympic...3 laps

Sprint...2 abbreviated laps

Super Sprint...1  Lap

PARKING for 8-5-17 is at the old Mountain View Elementary School. 3400 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066

Do NOT use the Kroger Parking lot or the Aquatic Center parking lots.

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East Cobb Triathlon

Olympic, Sprint, Super Sprint & Kids Triathlon

August 4, 2018

Mountain View Aquatic Center,

2650 Gordy Parkway

Marietta, GA, United States