Event Description

This is a virtual progressive run...the total distance is 88K (just over 54 miles).

We're running (virtually) from Roosevelt Arch to Cooke, MT.  The run is in the winter through Yellowstone National Park.  NO...you won't be there, but you can be in spirit.  It will be COLD & SNOWY, but you can do this run on the beach, on a treadmill, or anywhere else you want.

You can tackle it by doing 2.84 K a day, or, if you're so inclined, you can go run the entire 88 K on New Years Eve.  The only thing we need is for you to do is let us know how far, and how long it took for each of your runs.

Post up your pictures to our facebook event pages, and to instagram and tag us...we'll do the same.


Jump in early and save...You have to do the run in December...but you can get registered anytime.





All entries include a long sleeve shirt (or hoodie upgrade), finisher medal, and a shot at the awards.



We'll also have awards as follows:

3 fastest male runners (total distance/total time)
3 fastest female runners (total distance/total time)
The top 3 with the most milage in a single day

Race Route

We start at the Roosevelt Arch, which is just South of Gardiner, MT.  The course winds through Yosemite National Park to Cooke, MT.

Along the way, you'll see loads of great stuff...Elk, Bison, and loads of other animals, as well as some spectacular scenery.  (we'll be posting pictures...we will NOT be meeting everyone to run this together).

Groups & Group Awards

Want to make the entire month even MORE FUN?

Grab a bunch of friends to join in with you.  You can run together all the time, or you can run separately.  We're all about being flexible.

The big thing is, when you run as a group, you'll get some discounts.  

5+...Save 10%
11+…Save 15%
21+…Save 20%
51+…Save 25%
100+…Save 30%

All discounts are based on the $30 entry fee.

If you need an extra incentive...we'll have an award for the biggest group & the fastest group.


Q:  Do I have to run every day?

A:  NO...you can, but you can split it up any way you want.

Q:  Do I have to go to Yellowstone Park?

A:  NO...as a matter of fact, you will probably be there all by yourself.

Q:  Do I have to start or finish at any particular time?

A:  Yes & No.  You can run at any time during the month of December.

Q:  Do I have to run the entire distance

A:  NO...we'll send you a shirt either way, but you'll need to complete the entire 88K to be eligable for a finisher medal & other awards.

Q:  Can I run further?

A:  Yes...but we're only going to look at the first 88K.

Q:  Do I have to enter my data every day?

A:  NO...you can enter it all at once, or one day at a time.

Q:  Where do I enter my time?

A:  We're using a google form...Click Here

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Final Stats


You can register all the way up until 12/31/18 at midnight.
You can't count any runs until 12/1/2018.
You must finish your runs by 12/31/2018.
You must have all run run data entered by 1/1/19 at midnight.
You can enter your data using our online form OR you can put it in a spreadsheet (excel or CSV) and email it in.

All times will be compiled and posted by January 2 at midnight
All shirts, hoodies, and medals will be shipped by 1/7