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Challenge your skills and be the last one standing in a Five Star E-Gaming League tournament.


Survive in Space


May 2nd

12:00 PM

Game: Minecraft

Tournament Style: Double Elimination

Game Style: "Last Man Standing" Survival

Who Can Compete:

Right now, the tournament is open to Xbox platform only. But we are looking at opening up the tournaments to be cross-platform soon! 

How it works:

  1. One day prior to the tournament everyone will be randomly assigned into a group of eight people.

  2. Those eight people will be assigned a starting block (see bracket below).

  3. Between 10 minutes prior & 5 minutes to each round, we will send out an invitation for you to join.

  4. At the round start time, game play will begin.

  5. You'll have 20 minutes to eliminate all other players and be the last one standing.

  6. The last four standing will proceed forward in the winners bracket.

  7. The first four eliminated will proceed to the secondary bracket (it's double elimination, so you've still got a chance to win it all).

  8. We'll work through the bracket with the start times and start method described in step 3-7.

Earning Points:

You'll get points in each round based on how long your able to survive.

  • 1st out...1 points

  • 2nd out...2 point

  • 3rd out...3 points

  • 4th out...4 points

  • 5th out...5 points

  • 6th out...6 points

  • 7th out...7 points

  • 8th out...8 points

Top point earners will qualify for some sweet prizes, like Xbox and iTunes Gift Cards!

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