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Run to the Summit 5-10-25-50-100 Miler

8/2/23, 12:00 PM

2023 Details Coming Soon
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Race Information

No races to keep you motivated?

Looking for a way to help keep yourself excited & moving?

Here we go!

For the Month of August, we're putting on a virtual Goal Setting  & Achieving event.  Choose to run 5-100 miles, and  participate/compete with other people with the same goal.  Who's  faster?  Who runs the furthest?  Who runs the most?  Who's the most  consistent?  Who has the most elevation gain?  LOL...Who has the best  photos?

Get the answers to all those questions...and maybe some others you (or we) haven't thought of.

Run/walk anywhere & at any time...Just submit your time an info, and we'll do the rest.

Here's another question...

What's the best part?

It's FREE!

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Event Schedule

August 1...Logging & Registration begins

August 31...Last day to log & register


Entry into this event is FREE.  Absolutely NO required purchases!


We know people need something...We at Five Star need  something.  One of our goals during the shut down, and the lack of  events, was to sharpen & grow our skills.  What a better way than to  offer new things, and let the world try them out.

Save money and race with friends! Take a look at our Teams and Fundraising info.

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Race Partners

Race Partners

If you don't see anything, that means this race is partner-less!

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Course Information

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This is a Virtual Run...You run when & where you want...SO...The  course you run can be flat & fast, or brutal with hills...It's all  up to you!

The BIG thing is to set your goal.

If you're a walker, you may choose to tackle 5 or 10 miles in the  month.  If you're an occasional runner, maybe 25 or 50 miles.  Frequent  runner?  How about 100?  Or...Maybe you want to step it up to the  extreme in the 100+ miles category.

No matter how you tackle it, we'll be with you in spirit.

Awards and Goodies can buy some stuff...but it's totally optional (really!).

Shirt...the picture is on the way.  It's $20, and  we'll ship it straight to you.  We're going to start printing &  Shipping August 15.  We'll have a limited number, so don't wait till the  end to get yours.

Finisher Card...What's better than a Finisher Medal  you ask?  A finisher card.  It comes customized with all of your stats  over the month.  They're $5, and we'll send that to you also.

Tshirt images-10.png

Virtual Race

Can't make it out to the event site on race day?

Still want to participate or support the cause and have a shot at an award? or maybe you saw the shirt and said:  "Sweet...I want one!"


Then the virtual race is for you.


New to Virtual Running?  Here's how it works:


Step 1

  • Get excited, grab some friends and buddies to join you!  Sign up and register for the Virtual Event!


Step 2

  • Hydrate, grab your buddy (or not) and get ready to get moving!


Step 3

  • Get out there and run or walk! You can run at the park, your favorite route in your neighborhood; anywhere you want.   Please remember to social distance & be safe!


Step 4

  • HAVE FUN!~

  • Share your distance, a selfie, or a picture along your race route and use the race hashtag:-)


Step 5

  • Submit your results online


Step 6

  • View your Results Monday after the Event Date.

Submit your virtual time

Event Courtesy and Weather Policy

Our events are designed to be fun for the entire family. With that in mind; any
competitor, spectator, parent, volunteer, or sponsor, exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct or interfering with the positive, competitive atmosphere of the event will be asked to leave the venue and course immediately with no refunds and be disqualified.

All registrations are final. There are no refunds, deferments, or transfers.


Event will take place rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather, we will cancel for the safety of the participants...there are no refunds in this case.


Participants that do not show up to race/event forfeit their right to any swag.


No COVID-19 Refunds.  If unforeseen circumstances arise due to COVID-19, including any Federal or State Health Emergency, refunds will not be provided. The event will go 100% Virtual & shirts will be shipped to participants.

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