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How to have fun at the event

  1. Train, but don't take it too seriously! Running is fun!
  2. Wear a silly costume!
  3. Make a team! Learn how to save money here!
  4. If you get your friends and family to donate for you. You can Raise funds by receiving pledges.  Learn more here.

Tips to get your friends to come out

  1. Make a team with all your friends on it and you ALL can save some money! Check it out here!
  2. Make it  a competition to see who can run the fastest!
  3. Wear matching costumes for some extra added fun!

Last Minute Tips


  1. Carpool to the event with your friends!!
  2. Bring a reusable water bottle and we'll fill it up for you throughout the race
  3. Recycle the pins for your bib by returning them to the registration table when you finish running
  4. Once you get home, wash your running clothes on cold water instead of hot and save up to 90% of the energy you would have used!

Tips for recovery

  1. Re-hydrate right after a run with lots of water and electrolytes!!
  2. Stretch out any muscles that feel tight.
  3. Eat a decent sized, healthy meal to fuel up!
  4. Take a nice hot bath to relax your muscles!

How to get ready for the event

  1. Make sure you are running or walking leading up to the event!
  2. Make a plan for your training and stick to it!!
  3. Find a running group
  4. Join us for another event to help you practice! Click here to see some!