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Please scroll to bottom of page for details about earning and claiming volunteer credits.

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Volunteers - Sports FANatics - are the backbone of every sporting event!

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Our Athletes need YOU! Five Star Sports FANatics are the backbone of all our events. Sports FANatics cheer, encourage and support the athletes. They also make sure the athletes have an enjoyable experience at one of our events by helping with the operations of each event.
Be a FANatic! Volunteer at one (or more) of our events.

Five Star Volunteers have lots of fun at the events...Even if it is early in the morning (then they have the rest of the day to do whatever)

ALL of the races listed on our website need volunteers -- the volunteers are what make a race GREAT. However, some of the races we will give you a free race credit for volunteering (that you may use on any upcoming race).
Below are the remaining 2018 races that earn free race credits and upcoming 2019 races:

  * Pi Day Pi K
  * Dog Days 5K
  * N. GA Sprint/Super Sprint Triathlon
  * May the Fourth Miler Be With You
  * Super Mom 5K/10K
  * Memorial Day 5K/10K
  * Mid Summer Super Sprint Triathlon
  * Made in the USA 5K/10K
  * Chopped Oak Spint/Super Sprint Triathlon
  * East Cobb Spint/Super Sprint Triathlon
  * KidFit Triathlon

  * Boston Bound Marathon
  * Labor Day 5K/10K Triathlon
  * Bootlegger Super Sprint Triathlon
Triathlon Championships  10/6/2018
  * Running Scared 13K    10/13/2018

  * Early Bird Turkey Trot   11/17/2018
  * Five Star Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot  11/22/2018
* Reindeer Run 5K/10K   12/8/2018
* New Year's Day 5K   1/1/2019

  * Ugly Pajama Run   1/5/2019

*  Five Star 5K/10K Championships   1/6/2019

  * Freakin' Freezin' 5K   1/12/2019/10

  * Chilly Willy 5/10K Half Marathon   1/19/2019

Volunteers will now be given a coupon code/voucher at the race in which they volunteer to use when they sign up to participate in a race.

Each race has its own volunteer registration portal, please sign up to volunteer for a specific race through that portal, which is found on the specific race page on this website. (Please note from the list above which races earn free credits.)

To claim those free race credits you must register for the race using the green button below.

Volunteers have their own registration portal for claiming their FREE race credits. This portal is where volunteers sign up to run a race after they have volunteered...this is NOT where you sign up to volunteer...this is where you use your free race credit.