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Read about the Five Star NTP race experience from one of our very own: Kerry Rosewall! Kerry is a dedicated runner and Five Star volunteer and has been writing our blog for years. 

Read her latest post here but be sure to visit her full blog!


January 2023

Here we are again at the beginning of another year. Another 12 months lay out in front of us, 365 days to fill, and we are at the very beginning. The new year can be a re-set, or a continuation of the progress we made in the last year. It’s really a great time of year. A time to take stock of our lives and decide how we want to move forward. I hope to get rid of some things in my life that aren’t working and build up the things that are. 

Fitness opportunities are abundant in the new year. I love doing New Year’s Day races. It’s a great jumpstart to my fitness goals for the year. Today we did Five Star’s NYD 5k in Forsyth County. After the below freezing temps over Christmas, it was practically balmy today in the high 50’s. It’s been a few weeks since my last race (since I skipped the 9 degree Christmas Eve one) so I really enjoyed seeing my racing buddies again. 

Five Star offers lots of races in January, making it easy to keep those fitness resolutions. They are always in need of volunteers to help and volunteering is a great way to offset the race registration fees. 

I hope 2023 is a good year for us individually and collectively. I hope it brings health, happiness and peace. To borrow a phrase from someone I admire, take care of yourself and each other. 

Happy New Year & Happy Running!


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