Do you enjoy early mornings and love making people smile?


If so, consider coming to work events with the Five Star Team.

We're always looking for individuals who are no stranger to working hard and love to bring a smile to every runner's day! 


We focus on providing a great race experience to all participants, whether you're in front or in the back of the pack.  Our team works to ensure events run smoothly and clients and participants go home with a smile!  Not only do our participants have fun, we make sure to have fun too! 

Each of our team members becomes part of the Five Star Family.  Our event team gets together Saturday mornings (and sometimes weekdays) to set up the complete event, then time, and run results and awards.  Once the last participant has been awarded, we break down, and then head out to a late breakfast or lunch.

One of the great perks...Team members race FREE!

Contact us for more information, and we'll schedule a time to meet.

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