One of the key parts of any race event is the finish line, timing & results. Racers come out to have fun and test their time against the pack so having accurate race results is a major priority!

Smaller events can easily use the bib pull system which involves the Five Star Team scanning a barcode on the bib, pulling off the bottom tab, and entering the racers number into the results database by hand for triple redundancy. 

Most events have switched over to using chip timing.  Our use of the Jaguar Platinum Systems from Innovative Timing Systems provide accurate, cost effective results for both large and small races. The Five Star finish line is fitted with sensors that detect the chips and log the racer's time the moment they pass through. 


Races with under 150 participants who still want down-to-the-second accuracy can use reusable chips that participants wear on their ankle, and are turned back in after the race.


Larger races can take advantage of RFID (radio frequency identification) chip stickers that we can apply to the back of the race bibs. This is ideal especially if your race has an early packet pickup.

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