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The biggest struggle in getting a race started is finding and marking a course. Luckily, we handle all of that for you!

Whether you're planning a 5K, marathon, or something in between; having an accurately measured course is imperative.

There's nothing worse than having a runner come across the finish line and telling you the course was too long or too short.

We have course measuring packages that will fit your needs regardless of your vision or budget.

Package 1:

  • Course creation and measurement with wheel

    • perfect for a small local 5K with their eyes focused on the budget.

Package 2: 

  • Course creation and measurement with wheel and secure USATF Certification.

All Packages include:

  • Course measurement consultation (Start/Finish location, etc.)

  • Google maps course layout


Additional Services:

  • Full color event & traffic plan map​​

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