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Imagine having an entire team dedicated to executing the details of your race so you can continue to focus on everyday details of your business.

That is what we do for our clients at Five Star NTP. We may be based out of the Metro- Atlanta area but we can help organize your race anywhere in the world!


Pre-Race Support

  • We acquire the location, map and necessary permit(s) for your race.

  • We calculate financial aspects for you, including providing an event budget and paying vendors and municipalities as needed.


  • Your race is listed on our network of advertising locations throughout Georgia including our website,,, Facebook, and print media, increasing recognition for your beneficiary and partners!

Participant & Registration Management:
  • We set up multiple registration portals and manage all inquiries, data entry, etc.

  • We set up online registration system. We utilize Run Sign Up for your registration, fundraising, and results and we even offer Race Day registrations!

  • We are able to help your charity/non-profit fundraise by creating an online Donation and Fundraising linked to your registration site.

  • We offer a variety of timing methods including chipped or non-chipped bibs which can be customized to your race and mailed early to participants .

  • Early Packet Pickups the day before your race provided a stress-free environment for racers to pick up their bib and custom t-shirt and save time on race day.

  • Scheduled email campaigns and social media updates keep your participants informed from the date of registration to the post-race results email.

Race Day Support

Check in/Registration:
  • Staff on hand to set up check in and up-to-date listing of participant registrations using our many tablet devices!

  • Staff to sort & manage giveaway(s) with registrations

  • Online and on-site race day registrations until the second the race begins!


  • Coordinating all on-site necessities – port-a-johns, power, etc

  • Set up of finish line refreshments

  • Set up for Awards/Results


  • We offer several types of timing options, such as bib pulls, chip timing and back up.  We use revolutionary Jaguar  timing software by Innovative Timing Systems to ensure the most accurate race results.  We offer Jaguar disposable bib chips or T-Chips. 

  • We offer 15’ to 32’ metal truss arches for the start/finish with to provide you with a prominent finish.  We have also have Start and Finish Flag banners for use as well.

  • Our Finish Line chute/fencing will help to keep finishers organized and allow us to manage bib pulls and bib scans.


Real-time results:
  • Our touch-screen Results Kiosks allow participants to see and print out their personal race results and rankings after crossing the finish line.

  • Race results are updated throughout the race and put up on a tv screen for easy viewing.

  • Online results will be available promptly after race finish with a Finisher’s Certificate available for printing/download.

  • We offer photography throughout the event for participants that are FREE to download, tag and share on their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

  • Awards are presented to Overalls and in each Age Group.  We also offer mailing of medals for those that were not able to stay or missed the awards.


Race Timing

Industry Standard Timing

One of the key parts of any race event is the finish line, timing & results. Racers come out to have fun and test their time against the pack so having accurate race results is a major priority!

Smaller events can easily use the bib pull system which involves the Five Star Team scanning a barcode on the bib, pulling off the bottom tab, and entering the racers number into the results database by hand for triple redundancy. 

Most events have switched over to using chip timing.  Our use of the Jaguar Platinum Systems from Innovative Timing Systems provide accurate, cost effective results for both large and small races. The Five Star finish line is fitted with sensors that detect the chips and log the racer's time the moment they pass through. 


Races with under 150 participants who still want down-to-the-second accuracy can use reusable chips that participants wear on their ankle, and are turned back in after the race.


Larger races can take advantage of RFID (radio frequency identification) chip stickers that we can apply to the back of the race bibs. This is ideal especially if your race has an early packet pickup.

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