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Save (or raise) money by racing with all your friends, family, and coworkers!

Category 1:

Have Fun & Create Memories

Create a team with your friends, neighbors, family or coworkers and everyone receives a discount on their registration cost!

  • 5+         $2.50 off

  • 11+        $3.75 off

  • 21+       $5.00 off

  • 51+       $6.25 off

  • 100+    $7.50 off

Two ways to register:

1. One person will register, create the Team (and pay) for everyone.
2. One person will register & Create the Team.  Everyone after that will register under that Team name.  After the 5th person, everyone will automatically receive a refund back! It's that simple!

Discount only.

Perfect for individuals with friends who run!​

Combines with

  • Raise Awareness​

  • Receive pledges

  • Volunteer


Category 2:

Raise Awareness

This option is for the small business owner, non-profit director, or race team who wants to get the word out about their business. Create a team during registration and let us know that you are "raising awareness" to get these extra benefits.

5-9 team participants: Free shoutout and hot link in post-race results email

10-14 group participants: Shoutout and link on race page, pre-race emails AND post-race results email.

15+ group participants: All the above AND a vendor/racer retreat area at the finish line. Promote your product or service to other racers (and we'll even stock your retreat with refreshments.

*You’ll receive your listing once you hit the registration mark.  You have the option to pre-purchase the registrations to get your listing early

Designed for non-profits, small businesses, and running groups.

Combines with

  • Have Fun & Create Memories

  • Raise with Race Entries

  • Volunteer


Category 3:

Raise with Race Entries

 You can register your group/organization with us, and we’ll create a team for you.  Every person that registers under your team name earns you a rebate back.

5+      Earn 10% of the collected registration fees
11+     Earn 15% of the collected registration fees
21+    Earn 20% of the collected registration fees
51+    Earn 25% of the collected registration fees
100+  Earn 30% of the collected registration fees

The % rebate is only from registrations under YOUR TEAM NAME not the entire event. The rebate check will be issued to you after the race.

Designed for race day teams that will have lots of members, benefiting a non-profit or cause.

Combines with

  • Raise Awareness

  • Volunteer


Category 4:

Raise with Race Pledges

You can register your group/organization with us, and we can list you as one of our charitable organizations.  Then...recruit participants to go out and get friends & family to sponsor them in the race while they raise money for you.

You keep all the donations less than 9% for processing.

This is an easy way to reach out and raise a substantial amount.

Designed for smaller race day teams or an individual representing an organization who wants to raise funds.

Combines with

  • Raise Awareness

  • Volunteer

  • Have Fun & Create Memories OR Raise with Race Entries

Category 5:


There can never be enough volunteers and we are always looking for them. You can sign up to volunteer through our registration portal. Look for the button at the top of the race pages!

We always need people to:


  • Assist with check in

  • Hand out water along the course

  • Point runners in the correct direction

  • Cheer participants at the finish line

  • Anything else that makes a successful event for all racers!


Everything is easy, and requires no heavy lifting.

Volunteer groups receive a fixed amount plus an amount for each participant in the event (based on the event type).

Designed for anyone and everyone!

Combines with​ all categories!

If you or your organization want to volunteer you can find the button at the top of each race page.


Confused? Have more questions?

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