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General Info

​I missed the deadline for shirts...Can I still get one?

YES!  We always order extra, and we keep the inventory online, so if you can pick your size, odds are, you'll get it.

When should I arrive for the race?

We recommend arriving at least 1 hour before the race so you are able to get your race bib, use the bathroom, warm up & head to the start line.

Where should I park?

Generally there will be parking near the start line, unless otherwise informed prior to the race.


Can I pick up my race bib early?

Only a select few races have early packet pickup.  You will be informed if your race has an early pickup through email and also on the race page from our website.

How do I put my bib on?

We provide safety pins race morning at every race.  Please pin your bib at the top two corners. Make sure you pin the bib to the upper stomach area to help your bib to be picked up by the antennas, be seen by the Timer &/or us remove the bottom section of your bib at the finish line! You can also watch this video.

Do I have to stay for the awards?

No, but it always fun to stick around and cheer on other racers! 


If I have to leave, can you send my award to me?

Yes, you may request to have your medal shipped! You can find the order link here

I didn’t make it, can I have my shirt mailed or can I pick it up later, or can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no.  A race entry is like a concert ticket, if you don’t make the concert, you forfeit the fee and any swag items.


How do I volunteer for a race?

You can find the link at the top of our race pages.


Is there water provided?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Water will not be provided.  This may change so check your emails or race-specific event pages.

Refund Policy

Unless otherwise stated, all registrations are final.  There are no deferments, transfers or refunds.

What if it rains?

Generally we are a go rain or shine.  In the event of lightning, or other hazardous conditions that could be unsafe to the participants, volunteers, or the staff, we will cancel the event.  Unfortunately, there are no refunds in this case.


Am I allowed to wear headphones?

Yes, everyone is welcome to wear their own headphones and run to their favorite tunes.  However, you will need to be able to hear any instructions or course marshals.  

Can I have someone race in my place?

Yes & No.  Generally you can hand your bib off to another person, unless otherwise stated.  However, if the registration information is not changed before the start of the race, the holder of the bib will be disqualified.  What that means is, if we’re calling out awards, and the 45 year old lady turns out to be a 25 year old man, that bib number and the person who ran will not be considered in any results.  You may email for assistance.

How are awards calculated?

Awards are pretty much always based on Gun Time.  There are a lot of races that we will have a net Chip Time in addition to a Gun Time, but those are primarily for personal reference.

What is the difference between Gun Time & Chip Time?

Gun time begins when the horn blows, and is the same start time for everyone.  Chip Time starts when you cross the Start Line, and stops when you cross the Finish Line.  As a general rule, awards are always given out based on Gun Time.

Triathlon Info

When should I arrive on race day?

We recommend arrive at least one hour before the race.  We ask that you rack your bike first then come to Check-in or body marking.


Can my child compete in the adult distances?

Yes, it is up to the parent's discretion.  Please know that depending on the course, some roads may be "live" to traffic.  Your child should be able to hear and follow instructions along the course as needed.

What equipment do I need?

Athletic shoes, bike, and bike helmet are the only required items. See next question for recommended equipment.


What equipment is recommended?

Separate running shorts and swim wear, googles, swim cap, water bottle, bike pump, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen.  We do not provide swim caps.

What else do I need?

Swim Time!  You will need to have your swim time before you come to the race. As you train, time yourself to see how long it takes you to swim the total distance.  

Parents, please have this information ready for your children.  Our team will not be able to guess how long it will take your child to swim their distance.


Do I need a wet suit?

No, a wet suit is not required


Do I need bike shorts?

No, bike shorts are not required.

What kind of bike do I need?

Road, mountain, or tri bikes are welcome

Will there be water on the course?

Yes, every triathlon will have water stations throughout the course

Am I allowed to wear headphones?

Yes, everyone is welcome to wear their own headphones and run to their favorite tunes.  However, you will need to be able to hear any instructions or course marshals.  

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