Covid-19 Health Update:


We wanted to reach out and give another update with regards to how we’re handling the COVID-19 outbreak here at Five Star NTP.

As always, your safety is our first priority, we have cancelled events in the past due to weather, so cancelling something is not new.  Cancelling due to a pandemic however, is new.


Last Friday we said we would continue having events until the government said no.  This is because the bulk of our events are/were well under what the CDC was recommending avoiding (at the time it was) gatherings of 250 or more.  We held two events over the weekend and took a number of steps to allow people to keep social distancing as well as not touching things, washing hands, ets.  Attending the events were definitely less of a risk than going to a restaurant or the local Walmart.


New recommendations are now coming out from the CDC and the local municipalities, so we’re updating our processes as well.

  1. In addition to the items listed before (and below), any event scheduled for this weekend will be spread out and broken down into groupings of less than 10.  We’ll still be spreading people out at the start.

  2. There will be no awards given at the event.  Participants will pickup swag, run, and go.  Results will be posted online after the event has ended, and winners will be able to pickup awards at our offices or can opt to have them mailed.


There is a decent chance that this will be the last weekend we’ll be able to hold any events until May (or longer).

We do have a number of virtual events that we’ll be hosting, so keep your eyes peeled for emails and posts about that.

For events that are rescheduled…here’s what you need to know:

  1. Your registration is automatically moved to the new date…there’s nothing you need to do.

  2. If you can’t make the reschedule date, you’ll be able to participate in the virtual portion.  Same swag, same shot at awards, just run when & where you want.

  3. If you can’t make the reschedule date, and you don’t want to participate virtually, we’ll get you a coupon code for a future event.


For events that are completely canceled…we’ll be issuing coupon codes to all participants who don’t want to let their registration fee become a donation to the organization hosting the 5K.


We’ll be emailing everyone that is currently registered for any event, so keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for understanding and working through this with us.


We have a lot of great events planned and coming up, and we’re doing everything we can to try and keep everyone’s risk as low as possible.  With that said, we’re making a few modifications to the Start/Finish that everyone needs to be aware of.



  1. Awards

    • All awards (overalls included) will be given out based on NET CHIP TIME.  Meaning that your race time will start when you cross the start line and end when you cross the finish line.  This will help keep people from being compressed together in the Start chute at the beginning of the race.

  2. Start

    • There will be NO mass start.  We will be starting everyone in groups that are made up of a single line across the Start line.

    • Once participants are on the line, we will verify good reads on everyone, we get a start picture and then they’ll be sent off.

    • There will be NO gap-time or waiting, the next group will step up and the process will be repeated until everyone has started.  If done efficiently, it should only take a few minutes to get 100-150 started.

    • We encourage participants to NOT clump in together in the start chute, but rather give each other some extra space.

  3. Finish

    • NO funneling of the finish chute.

    • We will use our handheld Tomcats for backup, making sure everyone is scanned without any contact needed.

    • There will be NO bib tag collection

    • We will need to write down the bib numbers of the first 10+ finishers as a backup.

    • We will, as normal, get pictures of all finishers.


Other things that will be a little different

  • We will not be putting awards around peoples necks…we’ll hand them over and participants will put it on their own neck, and then (as usual) we’ll get your picture.

  • We will not be recycling pins.

  • Please be sure that all trash (even cups along the course) is put in trash cans.

  • Make your best effort to bring your own hydration to have along the course to minimize contact.

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