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Root River Triathlon

5/18/24, 1:30 PM

Houston Nature Center
215 W Plum Street
Houston, MN US 55943


Race Information

This “doable”, non-swimming triathlon is set in the Root River valley in scenic Bluff Country.

The first triathlon was held 1998 by the City of Houston.  Participation is open to men and women of every age (young people of 17  years and younger with the consent of their guardian).

Participants begin by canoeing or kayaking 6.8 miles down river from  Houston to Mound Prairie. Then they hop on their bikes for an 7.9 mile  road-ride back to Houston. Some hills  “en-route” are challenging and  demand an extra effort.  The race wraps up with a 3 mile, fairly level  run, starting on the Root River trail and then through the streets of  Houston.

We have several ways for you to join in on the FUN!  You may register as:

  • an Individual Canoe,

  • Individual Kayak,

  • 2-person Canoe (canoe together then complete your ride & run separately),

  • 2-person kayak (kayak together then complete your ride & run separately),

  • or as a Relay Team (each person doing a leg).

Registration will be online only.   Registrations after 5/8 will NOT have a shirt.


All proceeds from this event benefit local and international Lions projects.

The motto of the Lions Club is; WE SERVE.
The objectives of the Lions Club are as follows:

*To Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the people of the world.

*To promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

*To take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the community.

*To unite the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding.

*To provide a forum for open discussion of all matters of public  interest; provided, however that partisan politics and sectarian  religion shall not be debated by club members.

*To encourage service-minded women and men to serve their community  without personal financial rewards, and to encourage efficiency and  promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professions,  public works, and private endeavors.

Event Schedule


Individual Kayak

Individual Canoe


2- Person Kayak


2-Person Canoe



Participants register as individuals or as teams.  If you are sharing  a canoe (2-person) or kayak (2-person), the first person may register  & Create the Team also adding the 2nd person. Or, the first person  may register & Create the Team and have the 2nd person register  afterwards, making sure to JOIN the Team created.  When registering both  people at the same time, Add the 2nd Registrant & proceed through  registration.  The price will both show as $120, but when you checkout,  the additional $120 will come off automatically.

Individual participants kayak, bike and run the whole course.  Individual participants  who use a canoe or double kayak are paired with  another individual participant in the same boat.
Participants in  canoes or double kayaks will accrue a separate time for each leg of the  race. The total time of each individual participant will determine his  or her placing.

Relay Teams consist of three people when using a  single kayak or four people when using a canoe or double kayak.  Preferably at least one of the team members must be a female.

When  using a single kayak each team member performs one of the legs of the  race and passes their timing chip to the next participant.  When using a  canoe or double kayak only one of the team members carries the timing  chip and passes it on to the next team member.

 The times of all three race legs are combined to give the team’s overall time.

Registrations after 5/8 will NOT have a shirt.

Save money and race with friends! Take a look at our Teams and Fundraising info.

Race Partners

Race Partners

If you don't see anything, that means this race is partner-less!

Course Information

The first part of the race consists of a 6.8 mile traject on the Root  River. The start is at the mining area on the north side of the Root  River Bridge(just before you enter the town of Houston on Highway 76)  and the race goes DOWN RIVER (Easy !!!) to Mound Prairie. Here, there  will be a welcoming committee of Boy Scouts who will help you ashore so  you can go to your bike.  *Leave the landing of your canoe or kayak to  the scouts. They know what to do to get you out of the canoe and safely  on dry land!

When you are ashore don't forget to cross the mat so your time can be  recorded. (If you miss the mat, your canoeing time will not be  recorded.)
After you pick up your bike and put on your helmet, you  will turn left on County Road 25 towards Houston.  Please beware of  other traffic like cars and farming machinery.  You will engage a smooth  paved road with some challenging hills. At the end of County Road 9  turn left on Highway 76 and cross the bridge over the Root River. Then  turn right onto the levy and go to the bike/ transition and start  running. (Do not forget to cross the two mats)

The run goes first  over the levy. At the end of the trail over the levy turn left and cross  Highway 16. (There will be volunteers to guide you.) Follow the arrows  on the road towards Houston. Pay attention to the directions of the  volunteers in the city especially when crossing Highway 76 (two times!!)
At  the end of the run make sure you give your chip timer to the volunteer.  We will be charged $ 30.00 for every missing chip. (And we will know  who did not hand it in!!)

Awards and Goodies

Tshirt images-10.png

Virtual Race

Can't make it out to the event site on race day?

Still want to participate or support the cause and have a shot at an award? or maybe you saw the shirt and said:  "Sweet...I want one!"


Then the virtual race is for you.


New to Virtual Running?  Here's how it works:


Step 1

  • Get excited, grab some friends and buddies to join you!  Sign up and register for the Virtual Event!


Step 2

  • Hydrate, grab your buddy (or not) and get ready to get moving!


Step 3

  • Get out there and run or walk! You can run at the park, your favorite route in your neighborhood; anywhere you want.   Please remember to social distance & be safe!


Step 4

  • HAVE FUN!~

  • Share your distance, a selfie, or a picture along your race route and use the race hashtag:-)


Step 5

  • Submit your results online


Step 6

  • View your Results Monday after the Event Date.

Submit your virtual time

Event Courtesy and Weather Policy

Our events are designed to be fun for the entire family. With that in mind; any
competitor, spectator, parent, volunteer, or sponsor, exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct or interfering with the positive, competitive atmosphere of the event will be asked to leave the venue and course immediately with no refunds and be disqualified.

All registrations are final. There are no refunds, deferments, or transfers.


Event will take place rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather, we will cancel for the safety of the participants...there are no refunds in this case.


Participants that do not show up to race/event forfeit their right to any swag.


No COVID-19 Refunds.  If unforeseen circumstances arise due to COVID-19, including any Federal or State Health Emergency, refunds will not be provided. The event will go 100% Virtual & shirts will be shipped to participants.

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